29 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Zimbabwean Employee Shot By Chinese Mine Owner Finally Compensated US$20 000

Kenneth Tachiona who was shot by Zhang Xuelin, the company’s senior manager has finally been compensated by the Chinese company. It is reported that the Chinese company has so far paid out US$20 000 for medical bills towards the victims’ family. In addition to that, it is also reported that they have also paid out an unspecified amount as compensation to Kenneth’s family for the incident.

The leader of the Chinese business community in Zimbabwe, David Zhou told a press briefing on Friday that,

“The family of Kenneth Tachiona, who was allegedly shot on the ankle by Zhang Xuelin, a manager at Reden Minehas so far has been given USD$ 20 000 while all medical bills are being catered for.”

He added that,

“We are helping in the best possible way that we can. This is a regrettable incident and we believe that it won’t happen again. We have also assisted Wendy Chikwaira who was also shot on the arm and we are still engaging the concerned families so that we can find a solution to this.”

It is reported that Zhang Xuelin shot their Zimbabwean employee five times and wounded another employee  Wendy Chakwaira at Reden Mine has when he had confronted Zhang for refusing to pay his wages in US dollars, as agreed.

Zhang continues to languish in prison as it is reported that he did not enter a plea because there was no approved interpreter in court. He will remain in custody till July 7th.

“Zhang has been charged with attempted murder, “said Zimbabwe police spokesperson Paul Nyathi.

Tachiona is still recovering in Hospital, while Chikwaira was treated and discharged.

The video of the incident became viral on social media platforms in Zimbabwe, provoking public anger. Zimbabweans called for the government to re-evaluate Chinese mining operations in the country.
The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Society (ZELA) said that,

“The shooting of two Zimbabwean workers by a Chinese boss shows the “systematic and widespread” abuse that locals face in Chinese mining operations.”

On the other hand, the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe describes the incident as a separate incident and is in support of an open and transparent investigation by the local authorities. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that,

“We respect Zimbabwe’s handling of the case in accordance with the law, but at the same time hope to see Zimbabwe protect the safety as well as legitimate rights and interest of Chinese nationals. There is a traditional friendship between the two countries and we believe both sides will be able to properly handle this case.”


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