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24 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Zvandasangana Nazvo Mukufamba Edith Chibhamu Falls On Hard Time

Mukufamba on social media streets  while having lunch we walked into Zimbabwe Devine Newsonline a Facebook Page and zvataona zvakaoma. Read and decide for yourself.

Breaking News: Edith Chibhamu falls on hard time

Zimbabwe’s celebrity Businesswoman who just recently made headlines for having a picture with President Mnangangwa without a scarf has allegedly fallen into hard times.This is after her serious accident which left her in a wheelchair this year. The conditions to her predicament are still unknown, just recently this publication saw a post about a Cameroon couple and her Mrs Edith Chibhamu fallout.

Mrs Edith Chibhamu whose undoubtedly failed to stay off the limelight for at least 1 months is at it again, this time it’s with a Cameroon couple who alleged she stole and left her passport behind. Our investigative journalists have discovered that the Cameroon couple names being, Acha Zita Etagha& Chenwe Erica Suh (PASSPORTS BELOW) were actually employs of Mrs Chibhamu for 2 months during the month of September& October 2019 in Dubai.

Documents and audios obtained about the case indicate that Mrs Chibhamu employed Acha Zita Etagha as a maid& makeup artist during the time in question. At the time Mrs Edith Chibhamu was on a wheelchair& bed ridden as it’s been widely published that she suffered head injuries, broken legs& was under psychological trauma. The alleged Acha Zita Etagha is heard on an audio which seems to be the first month salary accepting 3000 aed ($830 USD), thanking the flamboyant Mrs Edith Chibhamu for the salary which is very high in Dubai maids standards.

The same lady is also heard in one of the recordings in our position complaining that her job description was limited to house chores and personal make up artist for Mrs Edith Chibhamu not her friends who visited her during this time, something that didn’t go well with Mrs Edith Chibhamu. This was met with a serious rebuke there after. Which according to sources close to the pair resulted in Acha Zita Etagha displaying unusual traits and work ethics as a sign of protest.

During the same month Acha Zita Etagha plead with Mrs Edith Chibhamu to also employ her husband who was jobless at the time, broke and falling into depression according to the recording obtained. Despite Mrs Edith Chibhamu indicating she was no longer financially sound to employ more people she still agreed to the probe. In her agreement with the couple the man’s actual work would then start when she got to Africa on various projects she Mrs Edith Chibhamu was pursuing. The husband is a camera man.

A close relative of Chibhamu identified in the sound clip as Zvinavashe is heard in one of the conversations condemning the hiring of the two. In the same period it’s alleged Mrs Edith Chibhamu fell on hard times, which resulted in her failing to pay rent in full at the end of that month accumulating a debt of 5000 aed ( USD $ 1,400). This resulted in her leaving the Apartment she was staying in & leaving all her belongings inside the apartment including passport, jewelry, wigs & all personal property which is said to be valued at over $150K, something that’s not ironic Mrs Chibhamu who wants did a live buying USD$1k fragrance whilst the economy of Zimbabwe is crippling and she claims to be helping the nation.

It’s revealed in the documents obtained that the employed couple went behind Mrs Edith Chibhamu’s back and was able to raise money for the debt payment at the hotel.

The couple without Mrs Edith Chibhamu consent walked away with goods valued at over $150k belonging to Ms Edith Chibhamu including her passport. The Cameroon couple is said to be in living in fear of what Mrs Edith Chibhamu will do next, as its said by close sources close to her that sometimes she can be unpredictable.

Acha Zita Etagha could be seen recently on one of her posts wearing Mrs Edith Chibhamu’s supposed expensive shades, which were stolen from her hotel. (Pictures Below)The couple is said to have sort help from Mrs Chibhamu, although ironically they have gone and said she stole from them forgetting to mention that they had made away with all her belongings.

This is because she Acha Zita Etagha misrepresenting Mrs Edith Chibhamu with hotel staff& managed to convince the hotel to give her all the belongings of Mrs Edith Chibhamu as she said payment although it’s illegal to do so without consent. Something similar to what Mary Chiwenga and Shingi Kawondera are blasting Mary for.

Another audio obtained is of a heated argument between Mrs Edith Chibhamu with her maid as she fumes over her belongings wigs with were said to cost thousands of dollars& passport which she wanted back from the couple.

Although we could not reach Mrs Edith Chibhamu for comment, close sources say she’s got a serious problem of just accepting anyone and everyone.


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