17 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
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Mukufamba we ran into a story about popular Zimbabwean socialite Urban Tete Zuva Habane. Reports are that she is no longer married and her husband Prince has found a new BAE and moved on. This is what we have seen in the social media streets of a Page named Zimbabwe Devine NewsOnline

"#ZuvaHabane Zim Urban Tete threatens husband.
#Husband claims, “it was an Abusive& toxic marriage”

The controversial socialite #ZuvaHabane is considering taking #OlindaChapel route of exposing and destroying husband on Social Media.

The urban Tete posted 45 mins ago, on her page threatening her husband. Insiders say the husband only appreciated his new love on his page and #ZuvaHabane knew that he had moved on. 

The husband has come out to say, he never wants anything to do with Zuva and he was fade up of the toxic relationship that damaged his relationship with family. 

#MoreToCome interview with #Husband to be published".

Controversial Socialite #ZuvaHababe dumped& secretly divorced for 2 years

Controversial self proclaimed urban Tete Amanda Zuva Habane was dumped by her husband and his already moved on.

The controversial socialite claimed no man can ever leave her but unfortunately that has been her fate now.

The socialite has officially deactivated her accounts fearing peoples out burst over her dismiss, according to insiders she’s been divorced for 2 years now and the husband was just cohabitating to protect her image. 

However the husband has officially decided to come out of the closet and Zimbabwe’s controversial socialite Tatelicious Karigambesandberg was the first to reveal the news on her Facebook page. 

The fake continued marriage

was becoming toxic as Amanda Zuva Habane was bringing men to the house to the disgust of the ex husband and coming late which resulted in him having to open the door for her.


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