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04 Aug, 2022 | Posted By: Staff Reporter
Zvekupenga Diaspora Cat Family Kugadzira GoFund Me For Rich Aunty Mai TT Varikuvaka 16 Roomed Imba ,Vane Wholesale & Magonyeti Kokubatsira Nherera

Zvekupenga Diaspora Cat Family Kugadzira GoFund Me For Rich Aunty Mai TT Varikuvaka 16 Roomed Imba , vane Wholesale & Magonyeti Kokubatsira Nherera . Zimbabweans have become so unfocus  its getting out of hand. Daddy Hopewell , Shadaya Knight & El Gringo seem to be the only Zimbabweans with a vision to help Zimbabwe.

Comedian Mai TT who married a man she had only known  for 2 weeks in America figures out he was a scammer after she spend $100k USD to impress people on social media and try to out do Olinda Chapel. Mai TT was not involved in an accident or anything she simply made one bad choice after another and is paying the price. Chokwadi chisingapunze hukama Mai TT is not a victim of Tinashe Maphosa but a victim of her own choices. 

After playing the victim claiming she lost money from Tinashe, some crazy person in Diaspora asirikutochengeta hama ku Zimbabwe sets up a gofund me for Mai TT. 

Mai TT claims to have properties and is even building a 16 roomed house, has a wholesale and a trucking company and other business. From what she says she is succesfull , taking money from this gofund me is selfish. There  are ophanages and people struggling in Zimbabwe in all fairness Mai TT should donate this money to charity to show leadership and moral character. 

Rewarding Mai TT with money for her bad decisions is an act of foolishness and stupidity. Parents make kids learn from thier mistakes Mai TT must learn not to marry or believe evey man that tells her that he loves her .

So I heard about tht go fund me going on wich was organized by Savanhu from Uk and she shared with Ketty Masomera.
I m so touched that people will go that extra mile to try and cheer me up and I do not want to crash anyone by saying oh you shouldn’t have . 
I thank you in all your efforts and trust me today I woke up and said to myself this is no time to sleep and be crying over spilt milk. I always counsel other women saying even if you cry blood what’s gone is gone . There s never a day that Criminal Tinashe is going to return my money but all I got to do is work harder to retrieve everything I lost . But what I know is every one who passed through me and went in that way amounted to nothing at the end of the day . I will pick up , dust myself and go to my usual hustle.
Thank you everyone who is gone above and beyond trying to make sure at least I retrieve a few bucks from all I lost . Don’t do it for me only and God bless you .



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