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January 29, 2020

Zizoe Pamyk The Man Of The Moment

Zizoe Pamyk also know as Blessing Zingwe has been talk of the town over the last few months. Zizoe is engaged to Mai TT who he proposed to on Facebook Live. Zizoe is 24 years old and is the 2nd born in a family of 4 ZIzoe owns and drive a Range Rover and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Zizo is a ZimDancehall artist from Gweru who was inspired by Tocky Vibes to start his music career. He says his style and lyrics are a true reflection of the things that happen in our day to day life.His dancehall signature is Iyawozve and his fans are called Vasharukwa

January 28, 2020

Enzo Ishall Gave Uncle Epatan Kure Remix Clothes For Pusa Video

Looks Like Enzo Ishall gave Uncle Epatan same clothes he used on Kure Remix . From the video Enzo wears a green and yellow sweater which Uncle Epatan wears in his Pusa Video. Its sad how these two dont get along now when they used to give each other clothes like Freeman and baba Shero.

January 24, 2020

A Look At Phillip Chiyangwa & Ginimbi Mansions

This is the way socialite and businessman, Genius ‘‘Ginimbi’’ Kadungure describes the vision behind his ‘‘mansion in the village’’. Built on four acres of land in rural Domboshava which is 39 kilometers from Harare, the two-storey house is where Ginimbi lives in when he is in the country, splitting his time between Zimbabwe and South Africa where he also has business interests. The eye-catching mansion has six bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema. From the moment you walk into this mansion in the village, the first thing that takes your breath away is the swivelling glass door emblazoned with a logo of a famous fashion line instantly giving you a glimpse into Kadungure’s fabled life. The logo

January 23, 2020

Enzo Ishall New Teemak Manager Was A Talented Young Rapper Named Lil Tee

TeeMak real name Taona Oswald Chipunza a multi-talented Zimbabwean musician based in Malaysia. He says the name TeeMak is derived from his first name and Makanyara – his late mother’s name. Previously known as Lil Tee, he dropped the “Lil” and added “Mak” to honour his mother who he cites as his greatest source of inspiration. Lil Tee - Good Life ft Black G$,CJ   Lil Tee - My Ambition ft Nashe Mak

January 22, 2020

Enzo Ishall Breaks His Silence About Contract With Passion Java

Enzo Ishall has finally broken his silence over the contract issue between himself and Passion Java. Nehanda Radio has reported that Enzo Ishall might be in trouble after he signed a new contract with his new management led by Teemak with a pending contract with the flamboyant prophet Passion Java. It is reported that the Bhiza Rinoda Mutasvi singer had a verbal agreement with the Passion Java Records during the time he was under his record label. Enzo in his response claims that he was never singed to Passion Java but to Chillspot and has blessings from Chillspot Records. This is a developing story and we will see what happens in the next few days.

January 21, 2020

Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangirai Lifestyle Of The Rich & Famous Before & After Morgan

Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangira was born in 1976 and married Morgan Tsvangirai on September 15 2012 in a luxurius wedding. Morgan Tsvangirai Died 14 Febraury 2018. Morgan Tsvangirai was Elizabeths 3 rd husband and came in the marriage with 3 kids of her own and morgan had 6 kids with his first wife Susan who dies in a car accident. Since Morgans death Elizabeth Tsvangirai has become Instagram Famous with her photos and video she posts of her travelling all over the world like the lifestyle many dream of. Elizabeth has been all over the world and is living her besat life. Elizabeth is such a beautiful woman that it wont be long before some lucky man tries his luck to win her heart.

January 21, 2020

Chikapa Nyaya Dzebonde Lessons For Every Woman

The video below is a must watch for young women and even older women who are already married so they learn and understand  things about marriage and bonde. 

January 17, 2020

Lifestyle Of Ginimbi & Passion Java

Ginimbi & Passion Java are the most talked about and flashiest Zimbabwean millionaires. Both are very active on social media and both have a huge following. The two started off making fun of each other but have become good friends. Ginimbi is a businessman who dela in Liquid Gas and supplies 30% of Zimbabwe Gas needs. Besides the gas business Ginimbi owns transport companies and Owns Zimbabweans most popular club Dreams Night club. Passion Java is a prophet and is the founder of Kingdom Ministies which has churches all over the world. Passion Java also owns a transportation business and is a designer and owns a record label and with with international musicians. Lets look at how wealther these millionares are:

January 16, 2020

Enzo Ishall Talks About His Relationship With Gaffa Passion Java

With news that Enzo Ishall has left Chillspot records and possible the guidance of Prophet Passion Java walter magay found a video where enzo explains his relationshit with Passion Java.  Enzo Ishall is now under the management of Teemak promotions

January 08, 2020

South African Uber Driver Kuda Kujairira Masibanda Apinda Busy

A Zimbabwean Uber driver  found out the hard way that you dont mess with a Masibanda. The Zimbabwean Uber driver tried to ask the passenger out and used some unkind words which drove Masibanda wild. Masibanda demands the driver to pull over and let her out or she would show him who is boss. Its a good lesson to all drivers to respect thier customers and not treat them like they arte nothing. This Zimbabwean Uber driver learned his lesson and wont mess with any of his customers again.

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