Saturday, April 13

Nevers Mumba Lets Apreciate Varamba Kutengwa SADC Yazviramba Zvemahumbwe EZEC Ne Zanupf

🟨*SADC Observers Report*


1. Delimitation was a flawed and unconstitutionally executed process 


2. ZEC failed ro release the Voters Roll on time for Candidates to Audit 


3. The fee charged for the Voters Roll was restrictive to candidates 


4. CCC Rallies were disrupted by the Police thereby denying the Citizens their right to Freedom of Assembly 


5. The Patriotic Bill is unconstitutional as it attacks the Freedom of Speech 


6. Kasukuwere’s disqualification was unconstitutional 


7. The Nomination fees was restrictive (from 1000Usd to 20 000USd)




8.Sadc yazviramba zvemahumbwe eZEC neZANU. Kutitambisira nguva. Kwanzi chinhu ichi ngachidzokoredzwe chiitwe mune zvakanaka. Mukomana anopinda chete chero vakazama zvipi.Don't listen to Zanu PF propaganda especially on ZBC

They are trying to condition you for a shocker The truth is Chamisa is leading in the presidential raceZanu fu PF Mps are getting more votes than ED 




He is unelectable

Remember even in 2018 Chamisa got more votes than the CCC MPs combined 

Nero is popular veduwe,pabatisisei ipapo

We wait to see what ZEC will do

Kungoti chete muZimbabwe nothing makes sense,and they are shameless 

The longer they wait without announcing the more volatile the situation becomesLet's appreciate this man 



Anonzi Nevers Mumba He is the heard of the SADC observer mission appointed by Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema

His team has refused to endorse this shambolic election 

This is the first time in history for SADC to take such a stance on Zimbabwe





The other screenshot yakanzi Tinoedza Zvimwe ndeya George Charamba who is Mnangagwa's spokesperson 

Like i said during my live stream,Zanu PF are trying to avoid a situation where Chamisa is declared the winner 

A two thirds majority in Parliament is nothing compared to the presidency 





The president of Zimbabwe has too much power,once Chamisa takes statehouse then that Zanu PF 2 thirds majority (if they get it)won't even matter at all

He will still be able to make all the necessary changes to democratise state institutions 

What a time to be alive 🙌




May the Lord see us throughHH was once a victim in this game he understand much better than everyone else up until his ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ Many thnc to these guys

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