Thursday, February 22

Temba Mliswa Osemeswa NaMakandiwa Tells Him Just Join ZanuPF Usahwande NeChurch

 Makandiwa should just join ZANU PF& stop this elevated posturing, feinting more enlightenment than everyone else. He is a Pastor for God's sake& should operate in a smarter way. I'm Independent but openly state the only party I know is ZANU PF. He should do the same!

He can join the party structures & advance the party propaganda openly not hiding behind the pulpit and abusing congregants by foisting on them his personal political positions purveyed with spiritual exousia.

Being a true man of God isn’t about abstaining from politics or supporting the opposition. It’s about defending& supporting what is right. Standing for principles, the weak, the poor. Morals. Justice. Truth.

As an individual he has every right to join the party and show explicitly his side. It’s unfair on his congregation, listening to him as a man of God and yet him using that position to advance his selfish, personal and partisan agenda.

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