Thursday, February 29

Ximex Mall Dealer Obvuma Kuti Zvigunwe Zvirikudambura Kuti Vaite Mbinga

A XIMEX dealer, Davis Kaseke, has admitted there is a trade in toes going on at the capital city’s haven for deals.

Kaseke, who was speaking to H-Metro, as part of an investigation to check the authenticity of the trade, which has taken social media by storm.

“The toes issue is actually true,” he said

“It is actually happening here, we have the full prices of the toes, this has been happening for a long time,” he said.

 “But, first, a person willing to sell their toes has to pay a joining fee of US$200, then we tell them everything.

 “Inini zvangu zvichiri zvakakwana but manje manje ndinenge ndabvisa one,” he said.

 Kaseke said he was agent of the buyers.

“We are the agents, the people we supply are from Zimbabwe and they have a lot of money,” he said. So these people just come here with bags and tell us to fill the bags with toes.

 “So what happens is that the toe is ripped off by a snake, hanzi the snake just sucks the toe.

“if you come and you want to sell your toe we will show you but right now we can’t reveal finer details.”

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