Thursday, February 22

Zvema Slay Queen Muchazvirega Stunner Girl Omufumura Ku Instagram Hasna Kana Mari Urombe Handichamuda

Desmond “Stunner” Chideme’s ex-girlfriend, Mazakeen Jade, has revealed that she has been rejecting his advances as he tries to get back with her due to the fact that she believes the rapper can’t take care of her financially.






Stunner and Mazakeen’s relationship drama has played out in the public eye over the past few months, with the rapper’s flirting with ex Olinda Chapel sparking waves of rumours in showbiz circles.





In a series of Instagram posts recently, Mazakeen shared information that suggested Stunner has been pestering her for a reunion.





Mazakeen also shared a WhatsApp conversation in which she accused him of pursuing other women, a claim he admitted by stating he’s currently single.Despite his attempts, Mazakeen said she believed that the rapper’s financial state meant she could not afford to give him another chance.





“I don’t have any business with that man there’s nothing he can do for me! He can’t even put a roof over my head,” she wrote in an Instagram story update. 






Stunner is yet to address Mazakeen’s accusations, posting a video of himself getting a pedicure in South Africa instead.

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