Saturday, April 13

Zvinonyadzisa Madam Boss Vazvinyanya Vachiseka Mary Chiwenga

In a shocking post on Madam Boss Instagram account where she is showing swollen hands and make up and a hairstyle like the one Marry Chiwenga had today when she showed up to court. Madam Boss is one of Zimbabweas top female celebrities and a talented comedian but he take it too far  this time mocking another woman who is down and suffering.

People on her Instagram were quick to notice that madam boss was mocking Mary Chiwenga who was in court today and had bandages on her arm and swollen hands. As we all know Mary is being accused of serious offenses and could posibly spend the rest of her life behind bars. Madam Boss may of taken things too far by making fun of someone sick and not in good health. 

Mhofela the husband and manager of Madam Boss should learn to control her and manage her the right way this post is very distasteful and classless. Zimbabweans expect much more and better things from our celebrities. what Madam Boss has done or low class when another woman or men is down the right thing is to show love and support and not bring them down



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