Thursday, February 22

Zvirikunzi Zahara Akaisirwa Poizeni by Family Member After Lobola Celebration

Zahara's family allegedly claims that one of their own poisoned the singer The incident reportedly happened days after her lobola celebration, where Zahara was allegedly done dirty by a close relative Mzansi continues to send prayers to Zahara, hoping she makes a successful recovery.


Zahara's family has allegedly opened up about the singer's condition. It's reported that the Loliwe hitmaker was poisoned by a family member just days after or during her lobola negotiations. Moreover, the family also believes that the singer singer was bewitched by her family, which led to her hospital stay. 



According to ZiMoja, a close family member opened up about what may have led to the singer's health complications and ultimate hospital stay.

The source allegedly revealed that they suspect that Zahara was poisoned by one of her close relatives, supposedly at her lobola celebration. 



Zahara's fiancé, Mpho Xaba, had just paid off lobola for his bride, and their families came together to celebrate. However, just days after the festivities, the Umthwalo singer was sent to the hospital. "A relative must have gotten upset after hearing that the Xaba family had returned to pay off the outstanding amount for lobola. We suspect that Zahara was either poisoned or muthi was put into her drink."  

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