Thursday, February 22

Apostle Chiwenga Mnangagwa & Zanu PF Varikuda Kundiuraya

Apostle Chiwenga revealed yesterday that he has been facing threats on his life since he came back from Dubai.

When he came from Dubai, he was approached by CIOs who said Mnangagwa wanted Apostle Chiwenga his phone number because he wanted to talk to him.

Chiwenga said he told the CIOs that he told them that he had already gone to Mnangagwa’s office in October 2018 and left a letter asking to meet him and he had not responded. He again went in June 2019 to ask that CIOs stop following him around and he did not get a response.

Chiwenga said the accident that killed his wife and baba Kanyuchi and Mai Vhurumuku happened 2 weeks after he went to Mnangagwa’s office. Chiwenga said Mnangagwa is delaying his court case

Baba Kanyuch had wounds after his death that he did not have at the accident. The driver of the ambulance will come and confess because they suspect he was murdered in the ambulance or in the hospital.

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