Thursday, February 22

Zvandasangana Nazvo Mukufamba PHD Ministries Pastor Robs Church Girls & Infects Them Mukondombera

PHD ministry pastor robs church girls,infects 2 with HIV. 

PhD ministry pastor Elliott Mupinga has hogged limelight after robbing horny,hapless marriage hungry church girls thousands of rands. Pastor Elliott Leads a PhD branch in Kempton Park, Johannesburg SA. He targets girls with well-paying jobs in the church.
The man of the cloth falls in love with girls,promises them marriage..he then borrows money with promises of paying it back. Any girl who demands it back is threatened with death and curses.
Julie who used to work at Yadah hotel in Waterfalls gave Pastor Elliott R96000 in October 2019. He promised to pay it back after 2 weeks,till now the money haasati aiwana. When she asked for it she was threatened with death. She has since filed a police report at Waterfalls Police Station. Shyllene gave Pastor Elliott R12000 in January  nanhasi haina kudzoka, kuibvunza onzi Touch not the anointed. Lizzy gave Pastor Elliott R2000 after he claimed he was stranded in Limpopo but nanhasi haina kudzoka. Pastor Elliott blocked her on all social media platforms. 
2 church girls were unfortunate as they were scammed money,vakasiiwa vazogwa HIV.We have chats  Pastor Elliott begging for nyoro,he was told HIV test first but akabelievisa babe kuti munhu waMwari haana HIV. When the girl discovered kuti she was pregnant and HIV positive,Pastor Elliott told her to abort..he then accused the girl of infecting him with HIV. We in the process of helping her report the case to police.

When we contacted Pastor Elliott he admitted to owing the girls money but he said..Vasikana must know kuti murume anopihwa beche kwete Mari.
We tried to contact Prophet Magaya so that he can help but church leaders referred the matter to Pastor Tinnah who is the head of PhD SA. Pastor Tinnah seems to be working in cahoots with Pastor Elliott as she refused to help girls.
Pastor Elliott features a lot in PhD ministry Tv programs.

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