Thursday, November 30

Grace Mugabe Worried Over Robert Jr Passion Java Links

Former first lady Grace Mugabe is reported to be worried over her son Robert Mugabe Jnr’s newfound associations in ZANU PF.

Robert Jnr graced the ZANU PF Chitungwiza rally two weeks ago in the company of self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java and other socialites.

Mugabe even shook hands with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and posed for a photo with the president’s son, Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr.

Grace is worried that Robert could get sucked into deadly ZANU PF fights given how his late father lost his position as party leader and Head of State.

The NewsHawks reported a family source as saying Grace is not happy with Robert Jr’s links with Java. Said the source:

She is worried and very angry with him at the same time. The former first lady only learnt about the Passion Java, Robert Jnr links a few weeks ago and she is not happy with that. Not only Amai is unhappy about that, but the whole family.

In a recent interview with a local online platform, Robert Jnr confirmed his relationship with Java. He said:

Our relationship is just natural. I first saw him on social media and thought he was a funny guy.

He is smart and I always wanted to meet him and it so happened we were in Zimbabwe at the same time.

One of my friends who knows him linked me and we linked up and we now spend a lot of time almost every day.

He is a spiritual guy, a decent and straight person and I look at him as a mentor. He is like a spiritual figure in my life. He is wise, a wise guy.

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